Friday, August 24, 2012

The Cheryl

Meet, The Cheryl.  She is my sister.  Although, in real life she is a person, not a banged up dresser in need of a makeover.  She was the first person I showed the transformation to, so I named it after her just because.  And this is my first "rescuee" with the intent to sell, so it needed a name!

We just recently moved here to Elizabethtown, KY and I knew I wanted to do something with the time I now have on my hands with all my kids being in school during the day.  I have always loved transforming my own furniture and home, so I decided to turn my love of that into work I can do from home.  And thus, The Rescued Dresser is born.

This purty dresser was a Craigslist find.  I had been searching for days for something to begin this journey with.  Craigslist is a strange medium that requires a lot of faith that it will all work out in your favor.  Going to a stranger's home with cash in your pocket is a bit unsettling.  But this ended up being a fabulous piece being sold by a normal, nice lady.  Phew!

The top was pretty beat up with brittle and peeling veneer, and after sanding it for a few minutes, I knew it just needed to come completely off.  So I got out my pry bar and went to work.  A few splinters later, the old wood waiting underneath was unveiled.  I was a bit worried because of the glue and different types of wood and wormholes and dings and some sort of strange gauze tape that was on it that I'd end up having to paint the top.  I reallllly wanted to stain it a rich dark color, so I set my mind that I would make it work.

Well, I really had to make it work.  I filled some of the bad dings with filler, sanded the glue and paint off, scraped the tape, and hoped for the best.  Uhhh, failure.  The wood filler looked awful once the stain went on.  It was such a mess, but I was determined.  I scraped the wood filler out of all the crevices and holes and dings, sanded and restained.  Success!

The top is so very handsome!  I LOVE the dings, and scratches, and wormholes.  It tells such a great story for this piece.  I also left a bit of the old paint on the details of the edges to keep its history and give more dimension to it.

She is painted in a couple different colors.  Even though I knew I wanted to paint it in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, I didn't have any at the impatient moment I was ready to begin work.  So I mixed up a homemade chalk paint concoction with some teal and white I had from a previous project.  Not at all the muted blue I was going for, but I continued painting the whole piece thinking it would be a great underbelly color as I waited for my Annie Sloan paint to be in my possession.  Once it was, it got two coats of the Duck Egg blue.  Oh yes!  Perfect.

The front details were painted in another homemade chalk paint mix of dusty brown.  This color combination is very pretty.  I distressed it to reveal the teal mix underneath, as well as back to the original yellowy paint color and exposed some of the wood as well.  There are lots of highlights going on in this dresser!

I finished it off with 2 coats of clear wax and called it a day.  I thought about adding dark wax as I really wanted to try it, but I was so in love with it as it was.  I think the highlights from the teal color already added enough dimension under the Duck Egg color, that it would have been too much.  

Wish I could keep it!  It looks so great in my breakfast room, but alas, I need to break ties as I won't be able to keep everything!

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